New Year, New You? Why Waiting for January Could Set You Back

Why wait for "New Year, New You" fitness and nutrition resolutions? Let's resolve not to wait but to get started now!
Karen Clanton, CFL2
November 7, 2023
New Year, New You? Why Waiting for January Could Set You Back

As the year winds down and the holiday feasts wind up, it's tempting to put your fitness and nutrition goals on pause. After all, January 1st seems like the perfect clean slate for all our health ambitions, right? Not quite. If you're considering a break until the New Year, you may be setting yourself up for a tougher climb back to where you are now. Here’s why maintaining your health regimen through the holiday season is not just good for your body, but also for your spirit, and can set you apart from the crowd when the New Year's resolutions rush begins.

1. Momentum is Precious - Keep It Going

2. Manageable Indulgences Over Major Overhauls

3. Holiday Stress and Your Secret Weapon

4. The Gift of Health is Evergreen

5. Enter the New Year with Confidence

The truth is, the calendar is arbitrary—the dedication you’ve shown to your health and the pride you feel in your progress should not be tethered to the date. Let's redefine the New Year's resolution by resolving to not wait. Stick with your plan through the holidays, and watch as you leap into January with energy, strength, and a head start on those "New Year, New Me" goals. Your future self will thank you for the foresight.

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