Karen Clanton (KK)

Karen Clanton (KK)

CEO / Head Coach

Deadlift 314

Grace 2:59

Randy 4:02

5K Row 21:21

Finished 3rd at the 2023 Brandon Brawl with my amazing partner, Erin!


Master's Degree in Cytology and Molecular Diagnostics

CrossFit Level 2 Coach

Darkhorse Rowing Coach

United States Coast Guard 1996-2004

About Coach

I've always been a grinder, from those 8-and-up basketball teams at the Y to competing in triathlons in my 30s to competing in CrossFit competitions in my 40s and 50s. I know that it takes hard work and dedication to achieve our goals and I have been doing that hard work my whole life! One of my biggest achievements in adulthood was finishing 13th in the St. Anthony's Triathlon. One of my most recent accomplishments is finishing 3rd in the 2023 Brandon Brawl only two months after surgery.

Turning Point

I'm not a business person or a salesperson...I'm someone who comes from a science and medical background. I wasn't sure that I could open and gym and run it successfully. What I did know is that I cared about people and their health and wellness. I cared about them being able to do active things with their families. I cared about my friends and neighbors not getting sick. I started to think about opening a gym and boy was it scary! I didn't know how to do it or if it would work but I put in my 2 months notice and began the process of starting a business. That was back in October of 2016 and now it's the Summer of 2023 and we're still here and growing!!! This community has lifted me up when I needed it and I know that they have lifted up others too! If you're looking for a community that will support you during tough times...this is it! These folks are some of the most amazing people I have ever met!!!

Motivation & Passion

After working in cancer diagnostics for several years I decided to try to make a small change in my neighborhood. I started out of my garage on Sundays and the next thing I knew people were showing up at the house several days a week! I wanted there to be a space where my friends and neighbors in Seminole Heights could go to get a good workout and feel like part of a community that was very much like the neighborhood. My ultimate goal is to make my neighborhood a little healthier.

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