Courtney Holder

Courtney Holder


Love to lift heavy Squat 255

Deadlift 295


NCFIT CLP Certificate

About Coach

I have a background in gymnastics, dance, cheerleading, and flag football. I turned to CrossFit as a way to challenge myself and keep my competitive spirit alive. I enjoy working out at the SHAC not only for the physical benefits but also for my mental health. It has become the best way to relieve stress and surround myself with positive individuals.

Turning Point

Personally, I have found self-motivation to be my largest challenge in maintaining a healthy lifestyle and providing the same motivation to myself that I do for others. Attending classes at the SHAC supports my need/want for an external boost to regain motivation and continue my journey of growth.

Motivation & Passion

I believe my purpose as a coach revolves around supporting others to reach their personal goals and helping them be the best and happiest version of themselves.

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