Malia Warren

Malia Warren

Owner/Head Coach

Deadlift: 315

Back Squat 250

Bench: 145


NSCA Certified Personal Trainer

USA Weightlifting Level 1

CrossFit Level 2

NASM Certified Sports Nutrition Coach

CPR/AED Certified

About Coach

Malia holds a Bachelor of Science in Criminal Justice from CSU, Sacramento. She’s been doing CF for 10+ years and her favorite lift is the Clean and Jerk. The beaches, warmth, and sunshine lured her and her family to Florida in 2022 and they are living their best lives. She’s competed in Olympic Weightlifting competitions, CrossFit competitions, and too many Spartan races and half marathons to count. When she’s not coaching you can catch her at the beach or Disney, reading a book, rocking out to some millennial punk band, or telling strangers all they never wanted to know about various Fandoms. Pro-level in Star Wars, Harry Potter, and Lord of the Rings Trivia.

Turning Point

My life has always been centered around a common theme: I go all in. I grew up playing sports and learned very quickly that talent only gets you so far; that going all in with things like determination and grit could get you through anything. Even life. In 2012, CrossFit was that turning point for me and I vividly remember picking up a barbell. And of course, then I went all in. This is why when 2022 I was diagnosed with Hashimoto's (an autoimmune disorder that attacks your thyroid tissue), I had a hard time not being able to go all in. I didn't understand my body: the weight gain, the fatigue was unbearable. They say knowledge is power, and with your health, it is the most important tool you can have! Motivated by my health recovery, I hit the books studying to become a PT, because I KNOW I'm not the only CrossFitter out there dealing with an autoimmune disorder. I want to be a symbol of optimism and positivity. I want our members who walk through the door to know that they're seen, they're heard, and they're welcome in this community.

Motivation & Passion

My purpose for coaching is to bring out the best athlete in everyone. We as a human race weren't meant to sit at desks all day or live a sedentary life: we're meant to PLAY. This might look different for each individual athlete and individual goal, but I believe that fitness should revolve around having fun. To me, this means selecting a type of exercise that brings out the kid in you - the fearless, playful, and youthful parts of you. Maybe that means signing up for the next big Spartan race (who is joining me!?) because you feel confident in your body, trying out a new sport (Pickleball anyone?), or carrying all your groceries in one trip because #gains. Sweating it out with your community and soaking up exercise endorphins is the best type of motivation. It motivates me to no end knowing that my clients are on a journey to a longer, happier life of playing! "Life is Short. Lift it Up! -Malia"

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