Sweet Pea

Sweet Pea

Director of Membership Retention

24” Box Jumps

Sleeping through any heavy barbell workout.

Hearing a can of cat food open from the other side of the building.


World Class Snuggler

Voted #1 Gym Kitty

Therapy Cat

About Coach

I was born on the mean streets of Seminole Heights many years ago. I might look small like a baby but I’m an old lady so make sure to respect your elders! I like lounging in our special kitty area, lounging in the big tires that the hoomans pick up sometimes, lounging in the big, hot room with all the fans, and sometimes I sneak in the cool room and lounge.

Turning Point

A few years ago, the hoomans stopped coming to my building except for that one lady that always feeds me. I kind of missed seeing them so I thought if I was nice to this person maybe the others would come back. I let one of them touch me one time and it made them so happy I thought I would continue letting them. It seemed to get me more food than before. Now I tell them what to do, when to get on the floor to pet me, when to feed me, and when to leave me alone. I kind of like having them around.

Motivation & Passion

The hoomans serve me but I know it makes them feel good so I continue to let them get some Sweet Pea time whenever I’m not busy with my napping schedule.

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